10 Sep 10

With the cold weather approaching it is important to keep your pet in a comfortable living environment.  Sudden fluctuations in temperature variation can often be quite stressful to your pet’s immune system and health. In particular, older pets, will be quite susceptible to cold related diseases such respiratory related problems and hypothermia.

One common disease, which will usually affect the older pet, is arthritis. Arthritis in most cases is associated with joint pain. Many pet owners will notice this with their pets for the first time during the colder months, when they suddenly do not appear as active or have difficulty walking.  They may find that they are especially uncomfortable when the temperature is coolest in the evening or first thing in the morning.

Arthritis is a progressive disease and in many cases cannot be cured. If treated early it may be possible to slow the progression of the disease.  In some cases antibiotics may be required to treat arthritis and there are many forms of conservative and pain treatments available to treat a patient with.

A veterinarian can help you determine the cause and severity of arthritis with examination and other procedures such as blood testing and x-ray.


寒冷的天氣又到了, 是時候為你的小寶貝準備一個舒適溫暖的安樂窩了!小寶貝的免疫系統和健康最容易受到乍暖還寒的天氣威脅,特別是長者“,寒冷是牠們的敵人,會引發起一些如,呼吸系統和低溫症的問題.




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